Welcome to the 2020 breeding season.

I don’t think in January anyone could have predicted how Corona Virus would turn the world upside down. In late February, I embarked on a trip to Europe for 3 weeks to inspect the stallions and attend the Danish Warmblood stallion show. When I left New Zealand, I was the only person on the plane wearing a face mask, but oh how this changed during the 3 weeks I was away!

As I toured through Germany from Berlin to Verden then Munster, Corona Virus seemed like a problem just for the Chinese and Italians, but by the time I took the train to Denmark and the stallion show with 60,000 visitors dispersed… gatherings of more than 500 people were banned.

After a visit to Helgstrand Dressage, I boarded my early morning plane to Sweden, and within hours the Danish borders closed! The seriousness of the situation became very real. This time on the plane home, everyone had masks on, but their eyes still spread the fear of an invisible illness. On arrival I was relieved to be home,  New Zealand was a day away from a mandatory quarantine for all returning visitors, then came lockdown.

Following months of lockdowns across the world, the dressage and jumping competitions have started back up again, with a few major competitions delaying their competition dates. The World Young Horse Championships which normally run in August have been delayed till December, and a number of EFF stallions are expected to feature at this event.

Surprisingly, despite Corona Virus raging in Europe, the northern hemisphere studs have reported a busier than usual breeding season!

For the 2020 New Zealand breeding season, several new stallions have been added to the website, with more being added daily. There are many stallions available which are not on the website, so please enquire if there are different stallions you want from the available studs. 

Unfortunately world events have affected the exchange rate and a subsequent increase in price for some stallion prices. There are limited doses in NZ at the 2019 prices available for the following stallions

Secret, Grand Galaxy Win, Diamond First, Quando Unico




Please note: The new stallions from Helgstrand Dressage will be added and orders taken once quarantine and collection dates for NZ are confirmed. Unfortunately Corona Virus complications have delayed this process and import for 2020 is not guaranteed.